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When on a time, the worlds greatest golfers have been all British typically Scottish. Since the early twentieth century, although, most of the primary golfers are actually American.

This is why, the largest golf tournament on the earth could be the PGA (Qualified Golfing Affiliation) Tour, a number of occasions held on many alternative American golfing classes. This is when the worlds finest golfers play, for the leading prize of almost one million bucks, along with countless smaller sized prizes (purses, within the golf jargon). You'll find only a few golfers on this planet who Enjoy golf total-time, but the best gamers will make millions, and the highest few hundred can all at the very least generate a modest living, because of the way golf prize cash is split up.

Because the PGA Tour is held primarily in the usa, the eu Tour has long been getting floor with non-American golfers lately, and is particularly now extensively considered to be the variety two Event.

The opposite crucial tournaments would be the Opens, including the US Open as well as the British Open. Although Excursions are only open to Specialist golfers, Opens is often entered by anybody who해외축구중계 pays the doorway cost, which suggests that Countless people today can check out their luck each year, and another generation of golfers can certainly get their start off. The winners with the Opens yearly will be invited in to the Excursions, to contend at the following stage, but there is nothing halting the Tour professionals from entering the Opens, and most do.


These are typically only essentially the most famed from the golf tournaments: there's no shortage of smaller sized, unbiased tournaments, and each of the big golf 해외축구중계 taking part in countries has its very own. Golfers who are not American or British will usually progress by 1st enjoying inside their property countrys smaller sized Open Event, then going on to the bigger Opens, right before hopefully remaining recognized into among the list of big Excursions.