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When upon a time, the worlds very best golfers ended up 스포츠중계 all British typically Scottish. Considering that the early twentieth century, while, the majority of the top golfers are actually American.


Because of this, the most significant golf Match on the earth would be the PGA (Specialist Golf Affiliation) Tour, a number of activities held on a number of American golfing programs. This is where the worlds finest golfers play, to get a leading prize of virtually 1,000,000 pounds, in conjunction with countless scaled-down prizes (purses, in the golfing jargon). There are actually not many golfers in http://edition.cnn.com/search/?text=해외축구중계 the world who Participate in golf comprehensive-time, but the best players may make tens of millions, and the highest couple of hundred can all no less than create a modest residing, due to the way golf prize cash is split up.

As the PGA Tour is held generally in the united states, the eu Tour has become getting floor with non-American golfers lately, and it is now broadly considered to be the variety two Match.

The opposite critical tournaments are classified as the Opens, such as the US Open up as well as British Open. Even though Tours are only open to Specialist golfers, Opens can be entered by anybody who pays the doorway price, which suggests that A large number of persons can try out their luck yearly, and another generation of golfers can easily get their start off. The winners of your Opens annually is going to be invited in to the Tours, to contend at the following stage, but there is nothing halting the Tour execs from entering the Opens, and many do.

These are typically only the most renowned from the golf tournaments: there is not any scarcity of lesser, impartial tournaments, and each of the large golf taking part in countries has its individual. Golfers that are not American or British will frequently development by very first actively playing in their household countrys smaller sized Open Event, and after that relocating on to The larger Opens, before with any luck , currently being accepted into one of many major Excursions.